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Affiliated to the University of Mysore & Re-Accredited by NAAC with ‘A’ Grade (CGPA-3.02)

Chamarajanagar - 571313


About the Department

Jss college for women, Chamarajanagar is one of the pioneering colleges in Chamarajanagar serving the education for women in the backward, hilly, tribal, rural area.  The Department of Zoology was started in the year of the life science subject. When B.Sc. course was introduced in the college with CBZ (Chemistry, Botany, Zoology) combinations. Since then 1000s of students have been graduated with paramount knowledge and technical skills in the subject.

Most of them are engaged in teaching and research activities with post graduate degrees. Many of them are serving in various departments like sericulture, agriculture, medicine, forestry including banking. Some have excelled at the university level securing high percentage of Marks.

Programs offered: Sc. in CBZ

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  • To impact knowledge and skills in zoological science and to achieve excellence in teaching and experiments.
  • To establish conductive atmosphere for the students learn advances in zoology and its associated technology
Motto of the Department
  • The Zoology guides to the galaxy- what animals on the earth? Reveal about evolution and ourselves.
  • Zoology is an encyclopaedia of micro to macro of lives.
  • To provide quality education in a branch of biological sciences such as Zoology.
  • To facilitate higher education and research in Zoology.
  • To provide quality education in life science which helps them to understand nature better and motivate the students for self-employment in applied branches of zoology.
  • To increase the understandings of living systems and to allow them to consider the system in relationships to the self and other organisations in the natural environment.
Outcomes of Programme
  • Increasing understanding of living systems and allow students to consider the systems in relationship to the self and other organisms in the natural environment.
  • Explained both phylogenetically and physiologically the functional relationships of all factors involved in behaviour.
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