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Affiliated to the University of Mysore & Re-Accredited by NAAC with ‘A’ Grade (CGPA-3.02)

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Political Science

about the department

The department of political science was established in the year 1969. Initially, only a combination of three subjects i.e., History, Economics and Political Science was offered along with languages by the college for the first year Bachelor of Arts.

The department of Political Science is successful in obtaining 100 percent results consistently every year.

The University of Mysore introduced a mandatory paper entitled “Indian Constitution” for all first year degree students. This has provided an opportunity for the teaching staff of our department to teach and coordinate with the students of Commerce and Science.

  • To motivate students and to develop their interest to specialize Political Science in their higher education.
  • To impart quality education in Political Science to rural and economically weaker students.
  • To impart quality education so as to develop scientific temper and spirit of critical inquiry.
  • To create interest in students to choose Political Science as a major subject in higher education.
  • To make the students creative and service oriented.
  • To provide a platform to the students to exhibit their talent and creativity.
  • The Department of Political Science strives to pursue academic excellence in teaching, research and extension.
  • To understand the principles of our political system under the constitution of 1950.
  • To develop the research potential of the students in a learner friendly environment.
  • To become good citizens of tomorrow’s India.
  • To develop political awareness in rural areas.
  • To create awareness about Democracy/Local Self Governments.
Courses Offered: B.A with combinations of H.P (NEP)

Eligibility for Admission

  • PUC pass with 40% and any combination(Arts, Commerce & Science).
  • Add on courses
  • To create awareness among the students about the present political situation.
  • To make the students well vigilant about the human rights and social responsibilities. 
  • To equip the students with present legislative proceedings.
  • To create knowledge about the value based politics among the rural folk.
  • To visit Panchayathand Administrative offices of the town to make the students know the administrative techniques of the departments at different stages. 
  • Students acquire knowledge in the field of social sciences, literature and humanities which make them sensitive and sensible enough to solve the issues related with financial matters of day to day life.
  • The B.A Graduates will be acquainted with the social, economic, historical, geographical tradition and thinking.
  • This program makes economics learner to serve country as economic adviser, Budget Analyst, Adviser to Planning Commission, Financial Adviser, Indian Economic Service, Indian Foreign service, Statistical officer, Data analyst and the many more.
  • After the completion of B.A. Graduation in History, the students will be able to appear for competitive exams like IAS, KAS and other Civil Service Exams and they can serve as analysts, museum curators.
  • The students will be able to demonstrate broad knowledge of historical events and their significance.

Graduation in Political Science empowers the students to work as an observer in the Union/State Election Commission.

  • Students will be able to explain the parliamentary system, issues and problems relating to the realization of Human Rights and gain knowledge about Political system of the Nation.
  • Students of B.A. will be eligible to pursue professional careers in Geography and allied disciplines like GIS and remote sensing. After completion of higher studies in Geography, students can work in Survey department and they can also work as Climatologist, Geomorphologies’ and Hydrologists. 
  • Students will be able to write report, editorials and letters. 
  • Students will be able to appreciate the expressive use of language as fundamental and sustaining human activity, preparing for a life of learning as a reader and writer.
  • Understanding the meaning to have knowledge about elements, theories of freedom rights,liberty, equality and justice.
  • Development of Constitutional features of constitution, fundamental rights, duties, Union Government and judiciary, election commission and planning commission.
  • Political ideology, nationalization, liberalism, socialism and power of democracy.
  • Students’ knowledge about the growth of international discipline, national power, foreign policy, diplomacy, war, united nations achievements non alignment
  • Understand Plato ideal state, Aristotle classification of state, Kautilya, Saptanga theory, Mahatma Gandhi Nonviolence and Ambedkar Maulana Azad.
  • Knowledge about importance of political sociology, elite theories, political culture, class community party system new rural urban group in polities.
  • Understanding the scope and nature of political science, organization, principles of administration, civil services budget and accounting and auditing.
  • Development and features of constitution, fundamental rights duties, union government and judiciary election commission and planning commission.
  • An understanding the various constituencies that influence how policy is made and the theoretical underpinnings of real life policy choices.
  • Skill identify comprehensive paradigm of multi-disciplinary nature of international relations interpret the external and internal dynamics of foreign policy decision making processes. Develop skills for team work, group project and presentations.
  • CONSTITUTION OF INDIA(COMPULSORY PAPER) is made as the compulsory paper for the students of I and II semesters to impart the knowledge about framing of the Constitution and major features of the constituent Assembly at work preamble and salient feature of Citizenship, Fundamental Rights, directive principles of State policy, Fundamental Duties etc.

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Sushma A R

Assistant Professor & HOD
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Assistant Professor
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Facilities details

Total Number of Class Rooms 05
Class Room with ICT Facility 02
Computer with Internet Facility 01
Department Library 200 Books


Learning Resources

  • No of books in Central Library – 1850
  • No of books in Department Library – 200
  • Magazines-Yojana, Spardha Spoorthi,employment news papers
  • E-Learning Resources: PPT with You Tube Links

Special Lectures and Seminars Quiz Programmes

Higher education Name of the university /institution Number of candidates admitted
2017-18 2018-19 2019-20
1 Dr. B.R. Ambedkar PG Centre, Chamarajanagar 03 02 02
2 Gov. PG Centre, Chamarajanagar 04 04 04
3 Maharani’s PG Centre , Mysuru 01 02 02
4 Somani B.Ed College, Mysuru 1

Contact Details of HOD
Sushma A R
Asst Professor & HOD
Dept of Political Science

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