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Affiliated to the University of Mysore & Re-Accredited by NAAC with ‘A’ Grade (CGPA-3.02)

Chamarajanagar - 571313

Commerce and Administration

About The Department


The department of Commerce was established in this college in the year 1974. To begin with, these were only twenty students, the department was started by a group of sincere and hardworking dedicated teachers like Prof. Chinthamani and Prof Mllikarjuna pandith are gratified to note that all the twenty students of first batch graduated in their first attempt and brought laurels to our college.

The department in the 43 years of existence has obtained the service of a number of dedicated teachers Eminents professors like Prof. A.Chandrappa, Prof. Shivamurthy, and Prof.VLM Patil, Prof. Mallikarjunashetty, Prof.N.P.Padaki, Prof. Ramegowda Prof. N.Nagharaju, Prof. Ramamurthy rao, Dr. Shankrappa.S, Prof. Nagendra.S and Dr. Siddanagouder. Their contribution has enriched the department to a great extent.

Our students are mostly drawn from the chamarajanagara town and surrounding rural areas. From the year of the inception students of commerce department continuously excelled in academic and co- curricular activities. The result of Commerce department has always been the best in our college. Our department students are equally proficient in sports, games and cultural activities. Many other have demonstrated their talents like singing, dancing and debate etc…

The commerce department has commenced the BBM course in our college from the academic year 2009-10. M.COM was commenced in the academic year 2015-16. Mysore University has changed BBM to BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) in 2016.

This department is providing quality education through personalized approach. The department is striving to bring about all round development among students through discipline creativity, skills, multiples intelligence and integration of family, social and global values.


A Comprehensive Business Education And Self Empowerment for Women


  • To provide excellent teaching and learning environment with its focus on continuing education
  • Guide the students to strive towards research and creative innovation
  • To Instill and develop skilled human resources to meet contemporary challenges
  • To encourage self evaluation and personality development

Programmes Offered

Bachelor of Commerce – B.Com

  • Type of Course : Graduate Level
  • University : University of Mysore
  • Medium of Study : English
  • Course Duration : 3 years/6 Semesters

Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A) (CBCS)

  • Type of Course : Graduate Level
  • University : University of Mysore
  • Medium of Study : English
  • Course Duration : 3 years/6 Semesters

Eligibility for admission

A candidate who has passed the two year Pre-University examination conducted by the Pre-university Board of Education

I)  Government of Karnataka or any other examination considered equivalent by the University is eligible for admission to the 1st Semester of the UG programme.

a) A Candidate who has passed 3 years Diploma in Commercial or Secretarial Practice conducted by Department of Technical Education, Government of Karnataka is eligible for admission to 3rd Semester B.Com./B.B.A. directly. However, such a candidate has to pass the languages and other compulsory Papers viz., Constitution of India and Environment Studies of first two semesters.

b) A Candidate who has passed 2 years Diploma in Business Administration conducted by Department of Technical Education. Government of Karnataka is eligible for admission to 5th Semester B.B.A. / B.Com. Degree course subject to the condition that the candidate has to pass papers in languages and all compulsory papers of first Four Semesters B.B.A. / B.Com.

c) Students who have passed any Job Oriented Course (JOC, 10+2) are eligible to join 1st Semester B.Com. / B.B.A.

II) Students who have passed the following JOC (10+2) are eligible to join 1st Semester degree program as detailed hereunder: JOC Course

1. (Two Wheeler) Accounting and Auditing B.Com. / B.B.A.
2. Accounting and Costing B.Com. / B.B.A.
3. Accounting and Taxation B.Com. / B.B.A. 4. Banking B.Com. / B.B.A.
5. Office Management B.Com. / B.B.A.
6. Stenography B.Com.
7. Co-operation B.Com. / B.B.A
8. Marketing and Salesmanship B.B.A
9. Material Management Technology B.B.A

Programme Objectives

  1. To consolidate, strengthen and update the existing programmes
  2. To expand and diversify to cover the frontier areas by introducing newly certain innovative academic programmes
  3. To foster research in regional studies that too of interdisciplinary nature
  4. To keep regular interaction with business and industry with the help of establishment of chairs and entering into MOUs
  5. To introduce professional courses, short-term, long-term and need based
  6. To undertake extension and consultancy activities
  7. T o adopt latest educational technology such as use of computer, internet etc.
  8. To adopt appropriate methods of assessment and evaluation of performance of learners

Programme OutComes

Program Outcomes Of B COM & BBA: 

  • PO 1: After completing three years for Bachelors of Commerce (B.Com) program & Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), students would gain a thorough grounding in the fundamentals of Commerce and Finance.
  • PO 2:The course provides a platform for experimental learning and grooms students with focused approach on specific areas like, Industries, Banking Sectors, Insurance
    Companies, Financing companies, Transport Agencies, Marketing etc., which are crucial
    in the management of companies.
  • PO 3: The course provides exposure to students in the latest trends in relevant branches of knowledge giving them the needed competence and creativity to face global challenges.
  • PO 4:Students have a plethora of choices to pursue professional courses such as CA,
    M.COM, MBA, CMA, ICWA, CS, CFA, etc.
  • PO 5:Students can independently start up their own Business.
  • PO 6: The students will be ready for employment in functional areas like accounting,
    taxation, banking, insurance and corporate law.

Programme Specific OutComes

  • Business Administrator
  • Financial, Cost and Management Accountant
  • Business Researcher
  • Bank Manager
  • Personal Secretary
  • Project Manager
  • Legal adviser
  • Stock Broker
  • Business Entrepreneur

Best Practices of the Department

Bridge Course: Bridge Course is conducted in first year to bridge the gap between the commerce and non-commerce students.

Department Library: Department library is established where faculty and all the students of department can take the books for reference.

Experimental Learning: Industrial Visit and field visit are organized with an aim to go beyond academics, provide students a practical perspective on the world of work and an opportunity to learn practically through interaction, working methods and employment practices.

Paper Presentation by Students: Writing, presenting papers, researching at State/ National/ International Seminars/ Conferences provides students with invaluable experience in expressing ideas and an opportunity to exercise and improve both written and verbal communication skill.

Credit matrix/ Scheme of Programme and Syllabus for B.Com : Click Here

Credit matrix/ Scheme of Programme and Syllabus for B.B.A: Click Here

Program Outcomes and Course Outcomes B.Com : Click Here

Program Outcomes and Course Outcomes B.B.A: Click Here

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