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Affiliated to the University of Mysore & Re-Accredited by NAAC with ‘A’ Grade (CGPA-3.02)

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About the Department

JSS College for women, Chamarajanagar is one of the pioneering colleges in Chamarajanagar serving the cause of education for women in the backward, hilly, tribal, rural area. The department of Botany was established in the year 1967 when B.Sc., course was introduced in the college with CBZ (Chemistry, Botany and Zoology) combination. Since then 1000s of students have been graduated with paramount knowledge and technical skills in the subject. Most of them are engaged in teaching and research activities with post graduate degrees. Many of them are serving in various departments like sericulture, agriculture, medicine, forestry including banking. Some have excelled at the university level securing high percentage of Marks. Following are the glimpses of the department

  1. Maintenance of herbal medicinal garden.
  2. In house identification of plants.
  3. Hands on skill for plant identification and culturing of required laboratory specimens.
  4. Harbouring 400 and odd Preserved dried and glass embedded specimens.
  5. Herbaria
  6. Physiological, Ecological, Botanical, horticultural and Microbiological apparatus and equipments.
  7. Student Centric learning
  8. Monitoring and guiding Weak Learners.
  9. Compiling past examination questions and question papers along with scheme and making them available to students.
  10. Periodical visits to natural plant habitats and documentation.
  11. Awarding and motivating scholarly students

To motivate for Botanical ventures, to reap the maximum benefits of plant knowledge and to cater the welfare of the society
Spreading Herbalism
Motto of the Department

  • No plants- No life on earth
  • Go green

Programs offered : B.Sc in CBZ
Eligibility for Admission:

  • In B.Sc. degree with CBZ ,Botany subject is one of the component
  • Passing of class 12 or PUC from a recognised board or its equivalent exam

Program Objectives

  • To comprehend functional categories in plant sciences.
  • To develop a strong foundation in fundamental science for scientific understanding.
  • To develop and promote scientific literacy among students.
  • To equip young women with aptitude and respect for nature.
  • To create the student awareness about conservation and sustainable use of plants.
  • To facilitate students for taking up and shaping a successful career in Botany

Programme Outcomes:
After completing the graduation in the Bachelor of Science the students are able to:

  1. The students are able to take up advanced studies in the respective subjects.
  2. The main goal of the BSc degree in any subject is to develop a deeper understanding of natural laws, enquiring about the reasons and govern them through established methods of observation, modelling, experimentation and calculations. This makes BSc degree a very important weapon in the society and opens a plethora of opposite for future studies, research as well as lucrative employment opportunities across the globe

Program specific Outcome of the subject — Botany

  1. Apply reasoning informed by the contextual knowledge to assess plant diversity, its importance for society, health, safety, legal and environmental issues and the consequent responsibilities relevant to the biodiversity conservation practice.. Environment and sustainability:
  2. Understand the impact of the plant diversity in societal and environmental contexts, and demonstrate the knowledge of, and need for sustainable development.
  3. Ethics: Apply ethical principles and commit to environmental ethics and responsibilities and norms of the biodiversity conservation

Scheme of Program


Scheme : Semester
Duration : 3 Yrs., 6 semesters
Languages : 2
Optionals :3
Compulsory Subjects : 3 (Environmental science, Indian constitution)


Best Practices of the department

Best Practice:1
Title of the practice: Plant Club

a) Objectives of the practice:
This practice has been effectively implemented by the students with the following objectives:
Herbal garden
Special lectures
Field visits for the study of plant diversity, identification & collection
Botanical trip to Botanical gardens, Sea coasts for the study of plants
Visit to Science Institutes & Research centers
Organising competitions to Students (related to Botany)
Other Botany related activities
b) The Context:
Plant Club came into existence during the academic year 2015. Botany students with the concept of bridging the distance between academics and application of subject knowledge.
C) The Practice
The Club came into being with a governing body comprising of:
• a Chairperson: Head of Department
• Representative teachers of Botany department
• B.Sc Botany students are the members of PLANT CLUB
In all the activities of the club ,students are actively participated.Maintainenace of Herbal garden is mainly by the involvement of students

d) Evidence of Success

• The club is an enthusiastic effort for the students and events are organized routinely to
spread its cause.
• The feedback from the Resource persons & students are positively encouraging.
• The Club also gained praise from the alumni.

e) Problems Encountered and Resources Required
• Financial constraint.
• Tight schedules in Semester Scheme education
Best Practice:2
Title of the practice: Medicinal Garden

Objective of the Practice :
• To develop medicinal garden to nurture few Medicinal species of plant
kingdom and to promote interest among the students towards gardening.

• To enhance and support bio-diversity on the campus.

Need Addressed and the Context:

• Main objective is to enrich students with cultivation skills and make them to
love plants.
• Protection of few Medicinal species
• To promote students to develop interest towards higher studies in plant
The Practice:
• Identification of plants based on their potential applications
• Supporting the cause of campus beautification
Evidence of Success:
• Developed more than 50 Medicinal plants
• Contribution to campus beautification Resources:

Problems Encountered and Resources Required
• Financial constraint.
• Tight schedules in Semester Scheme education

Department activities
Most f the activities are Conducted under the banner Plant club.

Special lectures
Field visits for the study of plant diversity, identification & collection

Botanical trip to Botanical gardens, Sea coasts for the study of plants
Visit to Science Institutes & Research centers
Organising competitions to Students related to Botany

Student feed back about the department

Cash & book awards to subject toppers
Faculties provide personal subject books to students for their higher studies
Motivating the students for PPT, Poster presentation, debate, Model preparation etc

Infrastructure Facilities:
Class room : 04
Laboratory : 02
Museum : 01
Total cost of Equipments : 7.5 lakhs
Learning resources
Central library facility : Botany-1166 Books, Journals – 5
Department library : 40

Placement details
Career Prospects and Job Scope for a B.Sc Botany Graduate
Jobs after B.Sc Botany exist in many industries for graduates right after they complete their education. During their study, graduates get to study and practically use their knowledge as well, as the course also has the option of lab practicals. Below are some of the popular job titles for B.Sc Botany graduates:
• Farming Consulting
• Environmental Consultancies
• Plant Pathologies
• Molecular Biologist
• Nursery Manager
• Ecologist
• Plant Explorer
Areas of Recruitment for B.Sc Botany Graduates
B.Sc Botany job opportunities are available in both the government and private sector for fresh graduates. B.Sc Botany course is so diverse and teaches students with so much relevant knowledge that it makes students learn about all the essential skills they require to succeed in their career paths. They can work in many industries after completing their course; some of the popular industries are:
• Colleges & University
• Nursery Farms
• Environmental Consultancies
• Medical Content Writing
• Pharmaceutical Company
Government Jobs for B.Sc Botany Candidates
There are many government jobs after B.Sc Botany that are available for fresh graduates. The course helps students get the knowledge they need to get a job with the government and succeed in the role. The job designations include:
Top Government Hiring Organisations
Govt School Teacher
Govt College Professor

Higher education

Best diploma courses after B.Sc
Post graduation diploma in Biotechnology
Post graduation diploma in Clinical research
Diploma in Applied Botany
Best degree courses after B.Sc Botany
M.Sc in Botany
M.Sc in Biotechnology
M.Sc in Horticulture
M.Sc in Life Sciences
M.Sc in Microbiology
M.Sc in Bio-informatics
MBA in Pharmaceutical management
M.Sc in Environmental studies


Program Outcomes and Course Outcomes : Click Here

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