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Affiliated to the University of Mysore & Re-Accredited by NAAC with 'B+' Grade (CGPA-2.74)

Chamarajanagar - 571313

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The college also organises a Stay Fit Program to encourage the students to take up the practice of yoga in order to improve their mental health, reduce stress and increase relaxation during these times of uncertainty and chaos. The format followed by each of the instructors was kept standard, which began with a centring process followed by a short warm-up, the main asanas, the cooldown and was ended with the centring process again. The format and breathing techniques are focused upon during these sessions. The purpose of these sessions is to familiarize participants with the practice of Yoga so that students develop an interest in it as they experience the benefits of Yoga. They are regularly organized in the college yoga room

Coordinator: Sports Director

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