Brief history of the Department

The department of sociology was established in the year 1971 with Prof. S. Subbasetty as the JOD sociology as a major subject was introduced with the following objectives.
1.To popularize sociology as an important subject of study among the young learners.
2.To create awareness about the social problems among students and through them among the rural illiterate masses.
3.To develop the sense of equality among the boys and girls students and enable particularly girl students of rural areas to know their general rights and responsibilities in male dominated society.
Along with the teaching of the syllabus prescribed by the university are made to write tests and assignments. Seminars are conducted regularly. A good teaching prom is prepared in the beginning of the academic year to ensure the completion of the syllabus well on time. A feedback is taken from students every year in respect of the overall performance of the department teachers and the results of such feedback is duly considered and appropriate action based on that result is taken.