Brief history of the Department

JSS Mahavidyapeetha has started the undergraduate level study programme in chamarajanagara in the year 1967-68 with the moti8ve taking higher education to the doors of the rural students. Being the first model first grade college in chamarajanagara the college has been rendering prior role in changing the socio-economic and educational scenario in the region for more than four decades.
The department of physics has established as early as 1967-68 with the aim of spreading science/qualitive education with physics as one of the major optional subject. At present the Department has well equipped laboratory with the required equipments to run the undergraduate level sturdy programme smoothly. The department faculty have actively involved in inculcating scientific temper among students hailing from the rural areas. Since its inception the department has produced a great number of B.Sc Physics students and most of them have got appointments in various organizations, institutions and govt. departments. Many of them are new working as faculty members of various institutions of JSS Mahavidyapeetha.
The department has qualified and experienced faculty members. He classroom teachings are supported with reading materials prepared by the faculty for the benefit of slow learners, the students are further encouraged to give seminars on topics related to the curriculum. Internal assessment, tests are held for both theory and practical.